Reading some dreams and/or hopes from people on here just makes you realize that we can improve and that we make mistakes..

I just want to remind you that life is hard no matter what angle you look at it.. Moments where you question everything, times when you don't feel like your worth it or don't see a point to do anything. These are the low points that you should try to avoid and think about everything that has made you smile, laugh, and make you appreciative with your own life..

Think about who you want to become and/or achieve. What do you want to be known for? Just think about the small things, the small details because those are the ones that will make you happy and realize what is the most important thing that you should focus on.

I hope you actually think clearly through this message and realize what point I'm trying to make.

Written on November 15, 2014
Will be sent on January 2, 2016

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