This is my second time sending something to myself and right now I feel hopeless. I don't have the courage to kill myself, but it not like I'm fighting to keep my life.

2014 was such a hopeless year, 2015 isn't going much better... 2016 maybe? I was really going to send this to myself in a closer future, but when I did last time I was frustrated that I didn't change a little bit, I was stuck in the same place. So here a the questions that I want to know if I got answered far from now.

1- Where did I travel to in my exchange program? It was fun? Did I fell in love again ( I think is something impossible at this moment)? How about new friends? Did I visit lots os incredible places?

- I'am so scared to go, to be alone, to be far from the ones I love. Even now I'm far from one of them, did I find him again? is he doing alright? I miss JD

2- Are you close to graduation? Hey Sarah, are you okay with architecture? Are you working somewhere? Is the place nice? Did we improve our drawing a little bit? Am I stuck in the some doubts as now?

- I feel like life is a movie and I'm just sited watching it pass by. Did I get a leading role?

3- How is your family? How are Sherlock and Foxy? they are my biggest treasures in this moment.

4- Friends? Any of them already married? Did Mariana get in medicine school? Who graduated?

5- Can we be happy again?

Happy New Year to myself.

Written on March 24, 2015
Will be sent on December 30, 2016

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