Dear Ariana,

It's funny what can happen in a year. Since March 16th, 2013 there has been a lot that has changed. Most importantly, you had changed, you have become a more independent, smart, and responsible young woman. A year from that date there has been a lot of tears, sweat, lonely Saturday nights. However with the bad there is always, always is the good. You your first job then a second job at the mall. There so many good things like your 4.0 GPA, FEE, shedd aquarium volunteer, new friends, and really your spark of having goals and dreaming again. Also thank god!! you found music you like and relate too!! You are starting form a mind of your own despite following others.

Life is what you make of it

if you dont like it

change it

i really dont know

but it feels that's the first step

or the first dig

to get out of the hole

Hang in there

There is sooo many years to come

You just keep on getting better

Just to note

you are insecure

that is okay but please just do one thing

keep your head up when you walk

no matter

that's it

Keep on dreaming and keep on trying new things

especially when they scare you

like Emerson said

When life throws bricks at you

Please control your emotions \

You always been so strong

Good Luck

Have fun because your life is so beautiful and you don't even know it


Written on April 19, 2014
Will be sent on April 19, 2015

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