I want to be happy.

Just whatever you're doing right now, if you do it without any likeliness, just throw them away and do what you like.. We only have a single life to discover what we really want to do in here.. DON'T EVER WASTE IT owing to any person, just let go..

and make other ppl happy like you do now.. But DON'T DEPEND on their happiness only.. Learn to please ppl, but please yourself first.

Always buy brand new, and give away old stuff.. NEVER EVER TRY TO SELL unless it's something really expensive ( cars :P ) Learn how ppl are.. Be cunning with the cunning ppl and go on your all heart with kind ppl... Always love your parents. Never leave them because of anything..

Always learn new skills,you're never too old for anything.. Don't be lazy. get up on the morning and run!! Don;t build fat..Be healthy as a horse.

Spend your money wisely.. Don't be too too frugal nor wasting.. Save what you can and buy what you want..

DON'T DEPEND ON LOANS!! Be happy with a single room without loans than a castle with being slave to a bank..

Don't chase money... Family comes first, always.

Respect your country.. respect your language.. Don't be a slave to the Western-ish languages or traditions..

Respect other people too.. Be apologizing whenever you can. And forgive others too. You aren't perfect as others aren't perfect either. Love your flaws and apply remedies!

This is it.. If you don't have the best results of your exams by now, you're a shame to me!


Written on July 20, 2014
Will be sent on July 20, 2018

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